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Sportela Gated Community

Annual Fees

The Sportela OFFERING PACKAGE has been developed to provide you with all of the purchasing information required to reserve or purchase a suite at Sportela Resort.

The condo operations fees for Sportela Resort clients have been calculated as annual fee per square meter per suite at 5.50 EU:


Sportela A1 (224 sq. m.) 1,236.85 EU

Sportela A2 (211.2 sq. m.) 1,161.60 EU

Sportela B1 (175.7 sq. m.) 966.35 EU

Sportela D1&2 (163.0 sq. m.) 896.50 EU

Sportela C1 (150.1sq. m.) 825.55 EU

Sportela C2&3 (120.1 sq. m.) 660.55 EU

Sportela D1 (178.1 sq. m.) 979.55 EU

Sportela D2&3. (131.1 sq. m.) 721.05 EU




 Common Area - Condominium Reserve Fund Monthly Fees as follows;                                            


Sportela A1 (224.7 sq. m.) 22.47 EU

Sportela A2 (211.2sq. m.) 21.12EU

Sportela B1 (175.7 sq. m.) 17.57 EU

Sportela B2&3 (163.0 sq. m.) 16.30 EU

Sportela C1 (150.1 sq. m.) 15.01 EU

Sportela C2&3 (120.1 sq. m.) 12.01 EU

Sportela D1(178.1sq. m.) 17.81 EU

Sportela D2&3 (131.1 sq. m.) 13.11 EU



The reserve Fund is haled in trust account for future maintenance needs it may be adjusted per annum in according to inflation and cost of living. 




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